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Best PayPal Casinos for Players in UK

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The Benefits of Using Paypal at an Online Casino

One advantage to using Paypal at an online casino is that the transactions are performed instantaneously. With other traditional methods like bank wire transfers and debit cards, transactions can take up to a week or so to complete. The casino must hold the funds while the transaction is being processed. Players won’t have access to their money. Most casinos also have a lengthy wait time for other E-wallet services.

With Paypal, there’s no waiting. Deposits are available in a player’s account right away, eliminating downtime and making it possible to start playing immediately after the transaction is finished. The same goes for withdrawals. Players can request a payout and have the pleasure of seeing the funds in their Paypal account within minutes. From there, players have a number of options to get quick access to their cash. Withdrawals can be transferred to a bank account or debit from Paypal. Alternatively, Paypal offers a debit card to use available money instantly.

Another benefit of using Paypal is security. Paypal is a much safer alternative to providing sensitive financial data. While most online casinos come equipped with advanced security technology, it’s always good to have another layer of protection. Players only have to provide an email associated with the Paypal account to make transactions. Not only that but the funds in the Paypal account are completely separate from bank or card accounts. While they may be linked, members can always limit how much money they put into their account. This makes it possible for members to keep their finances separate and secure. It’s also great for establishing play limits. Should something bad occur, members will have the support of Paypal behind them. The company has an outstanding support team and transaction dispute division.

Paypal Safety

Paypal also does their part to ensure safety and security amongst online casino players. The company has very strict guidelines and regulations to ensure that the vendors they work with are legitimate and safe. Online gamers may notice that not every casino works with Paypal. It’s always a good sign to see that Paypal badge because it means that the online casino has done things right. The best Paypal casino will follow all the rules and laws to make the environment safe for players. Paypal doesn’t work with casinos that don’t. In fact, the company is known to pull support and stop working with the casino if it has received a number of complaints.

The E-wallet company also has a safeguard that protects players from casinos that aren’t licensed. This is a unique defense that most virtual financial companies don’t provide. When a transaction is performed, Paypal will check to see if the casino is licensed and regulated in the country where the player is located. This can help ensure that the casino is serious about safety and fairness. Inferior online casinos may forgo getting a license in the UK, instead opting to get a license in another foreign country. This may be done to save money and avoid strict laws. Obtaining and keeping a license from the UK Gambling Commission isn’t cheap. However, a proper license shows that the casino is legitimate and working with all governing bodies to provide a fair and safe playing environment.

Paypal at Online Casinos

Players looking for the right online casino should look for the Paypal badge. The best Paypal casino has a proven track record of success and safety. A number of online casinos are available for players in the UK. The wide range of options ensures that players can find a casino that works with their particular style and play preference. Some casinos include Betfred, 32 Red Casino, Slots Magic Casino, and much more.

These are all trusted casinos that provide a unique playing experience. They all have unique titles from trusted web developers and enticing bonuses to get started. For example, Betfred offers a £300 bonus to new players while 32 Red Casino and Slots Magic Casino rewards players with a £32 no-deposit bonus and £2500 welcome bonus respectively. Some casinos prefer that users go with Paypal due to its safety. To make players choose the service over the alternatives, some casinos provide a unique bonus for deposits made with Paypal. The exact amount varies depending on the casino, though a 15% match bonus is not uncommon. Of course, the bonus is subject to wagering requirements, so it’s important for new members to read the fine print prior to making a deposit and taking advantage of the extra funds.

Paypal Payment Provider

Paypal is one of the most trusted E-wallet services in the world. The service gives people the opportunity to perform quick transactions without having to worry about security or theft. Because of this, Paypal has become a go-to method for deposits and withdrawals at online casinos. While many online casinos offer a wide variety of accepted payment methods, Paypal continues to be a top choice around the world.

Many modern gamers are looking for the best Paypal casino for safety and convenience. The service provides a number of great benefits compared to traditional bank transfers, credit or debit cards, and other competitors. While many casinos do support and recommend Paypal to members, that’s where the similarities stop. Not all online casinos are made the same and many operate very differently. It’s good for players to understand what Paypal is and how it works to ensure that transactions are performed safely and securely.

Paypal the Company

The Paypal company started in the 1990s, around the same time that the first online casino was launched. Back then, it was known as Confinity. During their infancy, the company was focused on security for handheld mobile devices. It wasn’t until 1999 that the moniker of “Paypal” was adopted and the focus shifted to money transfers. The company then merged with another online banking company. During this time, the brand and company grew in popularity.

In 2002, the company was acquired by eBay, an online marketplace giant. The brand would then go on to spend 12 years expanding and growing rapidly in popularity. The service became available to multiple countries around the world and quickly became the go-to service for online money transfers and purchases. In 2014, the company was spun off from eBay and became it’s own publicly traded entity.

Today, eBay is available in over 190 nations and works with 26 different currencies. Paypal’s online presence has grown rapidly and is used by a wide variety of retailers and online casinos. While most people are familiar with the company due to it’s safe and secure service with online retailers, it’s also widely used for simple transfers among users. Members can send and receive money from other members, make purchases wirelessly through their mobile device, and so much more.

How Paypal Works

Essentially, Paypal acts as a separate checking account. Members can deposit and withdraw money like a normal bank account. The difference is that everything is done online without any charges. The company doesn’t charge members a monthly fee to use the basic service. Premium and business account tiers are available. They come with fees and a bevy of extra features. However, the basic service is the most common and contains a number of features fit for making transactions, transferring money, and making deposits or withdrawals at an online casino.

Members can make deposits a number of different ways. A bank account or debit card can be linked to the Paypal account. From there, members can transfer funds between the two. A linked account can also be used as a backup when there’s not enough in the Paypal account to perform a transaction. On the website, members can transfer money to the account, send funds to other members, or even request funds from other people. Paypal also has an intuitive mobile application with similar functions.

Online casinos have a separate form and link to make deposits with Paypal. All it takes is an email address. There’s no complicated numbers to memorize or cards to find to perform transactions. Simply input the email address associated with the Paypal account. The online casino may then redirect users to a special page from Paypal to input their password. This verifies that the player is the owner of the Paypal account and adds another layer of protection. Once that’s finished, the transaction is completed and the funds will appear instantly.

Paypal Alternatives

While Paypal is often the preferred choice for online casinos, there are other options. E-wallet services as a whole tend to be safer than traditional payment methods. They are also easier and quicker options, making them a popular choice amongst players around the world. Some Paypal alternatives include Skrill and Neteller.

Skrill was founded shortly after Paypal in 2001 as Moneybookers. It’s an e-commerce business that operates very similarly to Paypal. It lets members make payments and transfer money through the internet. Neteller was founded in 1999 and began processing transactions for online casinos. In 2000, the company worked with 80% of online casinos in the world. It still remains a popular option with casinos and players alike.

While the alternatives are great, they pale in comparison to Paypal. Truth is, Paypal is one of the most popular and trusted brands in the world for a reason. They have a far-reaching influence and utilize advanced technology to keep players safe. The service is easy to use and can prove to be very beneficial to any player. If you’re on the lookout for a high-quality online casino, look for a brand that has the backing of Paypal for the best playing experience possible.