InstaCasino Review

Deposit £10 and play with £20 + 25 REAL spins

100% Match bonus up to £200 + 25 REAL spins EXAMPLE: Deposit £10 and play with £20 + 25 REAL spins About InstaCasino Initially founded well ahead of its launch...

100% Match bonus up to £200 + 25 REAL spins

EXAMPLE: Deposit £10 and play with £20 + 25 REAL spins

About InstaCasino

Initially founded well ahead of its launch date, InstaCasino was conceived by a small group of experienced online marketers all the way back in 2014. This group, with experience in online gaming, marketing, and everything that goes into making an online casino fun, spent over a year of research digging through the internet to determine what was working and what was not. From this extensive planning period, they finally brought to life an online casino that had the focused goal of being more than just a provider of online casino games, but one that was fun, easy to use, and most importantly, secure.

Now, just over a year past the very beginning of the website, we have an excellent online casino offering with a huge number of games, free bets, and all the little things that make an online casino enjoyable. Despite being brand new to the field, we think that there is little doubt that InstaCasino will continue pulling in awards and rising in recognition until it finds a place as one of the top online casinos in the world.

When You Visit InstaCasino

The first thing to pay attention to when you visit the casino is the design and layout of the website. While it is hard to miss when web design drops the ball, it can sometimes be easy to overlook web design that is smooth and intuitive. InstaCasino uses a soft but functional design aesthetic that provides all of the options and navigation that you need to explore the casino but avoids the sometimes sterile feeling of a purely functional system. They manage to strike a pleasant balance between utility and aesthetics so that the user interface manages to be there with intruding. Not all websites manage this and many online casinos fall into the trap of creating an overly gaudy system that can make pages slow to load and sometimes difficult just to navigate where you want to be.

All in all, the design is balanced and feels unusually smooth compared to other online casinos. It may not be the most important part of the experience, but it is always nice to have the spaces in between the games be pleasant to traverse.

Bonuses and Free Spins at InstaCasino

Bonuses are always exciting, with free spins and free bets always sitting at the forefront of curiosity when it comes to new casinos. Currently, there is a no deposit bonus of five spins that merges with a deposit bonus as soon as a deposit is placed. The no deposit bonus of five free spins is open to everyone, but for those interested in more, the first five deposits all confer a certain percentage match as well as 95 more spins in total. Each deposit matches a maximum of 200£, with the percentage match varying each time. So, the first deposit is matched 100%, the second 50%, the third and fourth 25%, and the fifth 50%.

Even if you are not trying to get the maximum match of 1000£, it is still nice that the first few deposits will automatically generate additional money to play with. They may not be the biggest opening bonuses but they still provide a way to explore the casino when you first check it out.

InstaCasino in the Mobile

Mobile gaming has become one of the most relevant aspects of an online casino in just a few short years. Following the explosion of game apps on Android and Apple platforms, players have started to press for the enjoyment of their games online, with the convenience of a mobile device. Some portions of the field have been slow to respond to changing technology but InstaCasino is not one of them. Not only do they have a dedicated application build for both mobile device platforms (iOS and Android), but they have converted the majority of their online games into a mobile playable format. Anyone who has spent time updating code recognises the difficulty in porting not just a handful of games, but hundreds of titles. They now stand at a whopping 400 games converted to mobile with just a few hundred left. They may not have the largest library in total but they certainly have one of the largest mobile integrated systems right now.

Games at InstaCasino

On the subject of games, it is high time that we took a moment to look into the aspect of an online casino that really makes it worth visiting. InstaCasino may not have the largest library on the internet, but they do have one of the largest weighing in a hefty 700 online titles. That figure includes everything from a multitude of slot games to poker, blackjack, baccarat and more. Recognising the sheer number of titles on offer, the navigation system is, fortunately, robust enough to make hunting for new games and tracking down older ones a breeze. It is somewhat hard to pick something to focus on since the number of games essentially guarantees that they not only have exactly the sort of games that you are looking for, but that they have them in several different flavours. This comes with the note that they have 8 different software developers working with them, so the game count is something that will only continue to rise.

Deposits and Withdrawals at InstaCasino

Money is a constant concern, within and without casinos. On a website that has a constant flow of money coming in and going back out, making sure that deposits and withdrawals go smoothly is one of the biggest concerns. As it stands right now, InstaCasino has one of the most convenient transfer systems of any online casino in the world. They accept all of the standard options and then some – Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, Euteller, Paysafecard, and ecoPayz – although paysafecards can not be used for withdrawals. The biggest benefit that they offer, though, is that they process withdrawals every three hours every single day. There may be a 5,000£ (1,000 for Euteller) cap on each transfer, but compared to others who may take as long as five business days to provide your winnings, this is incredibly fast.

Getting Help at InstaCasino

Customer service can make great places mediocre and mediocre places great. InstaCasino seems to have recognised this potential problem and instituted a 24/7 customer service programme in four different languages. The website supports a live chat box so that you can get in touch immediately if you have any questions, but there is also a customer service line and a support email depending on what you might prefer. Ultimately, despite being relatively new to the field it looks as though InstaCasino has taken note of everything that made other casinos great and welded it into one single, consistent offering.

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