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3 tier deposit bonus bonus + 250 FS

Review of Discerning people are not going to waste their time on gaming sites that do not provide the expected security or level of entertainment they deserve. For this...
Review of

Discerning people are not going to waste their time on gaming sites that do not provide the expected security or level of entertainment they deserve. For this reason a good number of people have been heading over the, an established casino site that is not only trusted as an industry standard, but also because of the incredible incentives (bonuses) offered just for making a deposit.

In this review we are going to discuss the history of this site, why it has come out ahead of its competition, the bonuses offered, and more.


This company has been around since 2002 and began operating online in 2004, and it has made a big difference. While many online sites have more of a website feel to them, redbet took the action of a real casino and transported it to the World Wide Web for players to enjoy. And over the past 13 years they have been among the top sites.

The main driver for this company can be found in their mission statement, which is “to create a fun, engaging and trustworthy place to play and one where the happiness of our players is always paramount.”

While this might sound like a nice statement, or corporate puffery, it really is true, and it is seen as soon as players go to the site.

The Site

If there is one thing that successful gambling sites have it is the ability to be used by just about anyone. Redbet, as noted earlier, truly sets the standard. The site is user friendly, fun and inviting.

The support tab being extremely easy to locate, which is more than can be said for sites like Amazon where one feels like they are taking a machete through the deep jungle just to locate a person to talk to, and it is especially prevalent in the easy access to available bonuses and promotions.

Bonus Offers & Promotions

If you have not signed up to play at redbet and want to then you’re about to be £100 richer!

The site is offering the following promotions:

  • 1st deposit: 100% deposit bonus up to £100/100€ plus 100 free spins in Warlords. Use bonus code WELCOME
  • 2nd deposit: 50% deposit bonus up to £400/400€ plus 100 free spins in Starburst. Use bonus code WELCOME2
  • 3rd deposit: 25% deposit bonus up to £500/500€ plus 50 free spins in Gonzo’s Quest. Use bonus code WELCOME3

This means that players are looking at £1,000 in free cash, and 250 free spins. It would be hard to find that kind of offer for even the bigger players at a physical casino where many people are sitting all day just to get a buffet voucher.

What is also very appealing about is that the mobile site is just as good as the desktop one, which is a big deal for those who prefer using tablets to a workstation computer.

Mobile Casino

Experienced web users can tell when a site is not adaptable to mobile devices. When shopping or reading it can result in a poor user experience, but when playing poker it can lead to huge losses and missed opportunities. For example, the part of the screen where the timer is counting down may not be visible without scrolling slightly off-center, which may block out some player’s activities, and lead to unnecessary losses.

The redbet playing experience is one of high-quality entertainment. Whether players are on a small iPhone or the largest HP tablet everything will be visible in a clear display.

This is particularly valuable to those who are moving from amateur to professional gambling status. One redbet player is a well-known Wall Street investor with an amazing mind for calculating odds. Last year he placed in the top 25 at the World Series of Poker. He uses his 1-hour commute from Forest Hills, NY to downtown Manhattan to compete. Not only does it warm him up for a day of serious trading on the stock market, but he averages gains of hundreds of dollars per day all from his iPhone.

It is this kind of quality from the site that makes a huge difference because he could play anywhere, but chooses redbet over the others, especially since he can get live action

Live Casino

Your favourite table games can be played with live dealers who you can chat with from the comfort of home. For those who question the validity of this they can use the online video function to see dealers spin roulette wheels, deal cards, and roll dice.

Games like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are going in real time with real professionals. Chat functions are available so you can get advice, such as “what does the book say to do” when sitting on 15 at the blackjack table while the dealer is showing a 5, or you can request to hear one of the many jokes dealers have at the ready.

Dealers want to see big wins so that players enjoy the time they have on the site, and the site loves to advertise when a jackpot has been won because that is the whole point of this thrilling experience – to win, and win big!

Games – You’ll Never Get to Them All, but You Can Try

The site offers over 100 games that can be accessed from your browser, so no downloading is necessary, no add-ons, or anything of the like.

This is crucial because there are programs that can take up an inordinate amount of space on one’s hard drive, particularly for slot machines and other more interactive games. However, redbet offers the latest machines and games right from their own site.

Beyond the slots there is sports betting. Using redbet is one way that players can avoid less savory methods for betting on their favourite team(s), and the site brings the kind fixed odds and live betting that experienced players are looking for. Best of all, the matches do not have to be local. There are hundreds of events to choose from and a gigantic range of options for live events that allow players to be in on all of the action – not just the final score. Matches include, but are not limited to, major European Leagues like UK Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, or German Bundesliga.

Poker was mentioned earlier, but it should be brought up again, particularly since there is a special offer for up to £2,000 in bonus cash. But beyond that the important thing that all of the players like is that they can count on the game to be an honest one between the odds and a little luck. While some casinos have had scandals that involve employees cheating, or hackers stealing from others, that has never happened on this site. For this reason the promotions, tournaments, and bonuses are really just extra.

Beyond the game playing it should be noted that it is so easy to get money in and out of the casino.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing money is very easy to do. Redbet accepts Visa, Neteller, MasterCard, and Skrill. When the site says, “It doesn’t matter where you’re playing from, the easiest ways to play and leave are available,” they mean it.

This is also found when players are in need of customer support.

Getting Help

As noted earlier, getting support on many popular websites can be challenging. Unlike Yahoo!, Amazon, and many others, puts in big bold letters the word SUPPORT where it is immediately visible. Upon clicking there are options for:

  • Email
  • Livechat
  • Phone

As a test we sent an email and it was answered the same day. The message was extremely concise, friendly, and helpful. From there we connected with Livechat and were instant messaging right away! After that we tried a phone call. The phone was answered quickly and the person on the other end was very helpful. Phones are on for 16 hours of the day.

The reason the customer service is of such high quality is because the casino knows there are hundreds of other options for players to choose from, so they go above and beyond merely offering the fun games players love; they provide the best service one can get.


Redbet goes above and beyond its competition. It has great bonuses, incredible customer service, live playing, and a mobile site.

We rate it highly and consider it not only safe, but a site that ought to be visited even if just to walk around a bit.

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