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Review of About You might be familiar with Thrills Casino, a casino that has been around for a bit longer than SuperLenny. Parent company Betit Operations Ltd. is the...
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You might be familiar with Thrills Casino, a casino that has been around for a bit longer than SuperLenny. Parent company Betit Operations Ltd. is the company behind both Thrills Casino and this later creation called SuperLenny, a definite departure from modern and classic casinos that attempts to create a world of its own online. Its mascot is part man, part deer, and all about online casino games. He sports a dashing mustache and invites players to come inside and see what it’s all about.

So what is it all about? It’s a pleasant mix of casino games and live sports betting, something that many online casinos are sorely lacking in their playbook. Keep in mind that this is a new site, only a year into its history, so there is room to grow here, and in some areas there is plenty of room for improvement. For the most part, keeps it simple and keeps it worthwhile.

The site

There are some eccentricities on the SuperLenny website, but then again, the name SuperLenny itself is a bit eccentric compared to the names of other casinos in the online gaming world. So it fits. You’ll find a mustachioed wild animal in a tuxedo occupying himself on the ash grey background. It takes a moment to load, something that’s not all that appealing considering it’s 2017 and most people want what they want and now. If you can make it through the loading screen, though, you’ll find a pleasing mix of gaming to be had here.

Bonus & Promotions

You’re not going to find an impressive lineup of bonuses and promotions on, something that many gamers would typically complain about. The first deposit bonus, for example, is a 100% matching bonus up to only £50, so that’s not going to win any awards for generosity. However, you get 50 free spins with that too and the payout and jackpots on SuperLenny tend to be up to par with other online casinos.

The second deposit you make will net you 50% up to £100, so as you can see the more you play the more you stand to win. The great thing about the small bonuses is that you’re likely to be able to withdrawal them sooner than other bonuses on similar sites, so there’s always a bright side to look at here.

SuperLenny doesn’t dish out many no deposit bonuses, either, and there’s some fault to be had with this. Although free spins are there to be had, slots players might not find that SuperLenny gives them enough reason to keep playing. Unless you’re playing for the love of the slots, perhaps another casino would be more up your alley.

Mobile Casino

SuperLenny is, by design, a mobile casino that’s going to work on Android, iOS, and Windows. If you love to game on the go and make casino money in your spare time while waiting in lines or enduring boring outings, you’re going to love the SuperLenny design and the ease of playing. Mobile casinos are incredibly popular these days and SuperLenny shows you exactly why.

Live Casino

Table games steal the show at SuperLenny’s live casino. You’ve got thrilling rounds of Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Casino Hold’em, and even Auto Roulette awaiting you at the live tables on Love Blackjack the most? They’ve got you covered there, too. If you love casino table games, the live casino at is filled to the top with these great games and it’s a very sophisticated, professional vibe at the tables. No kid stuff.


Sports betting has a prominent place in the heart of the creators of They want people to bet on sports and they show this by putting it prominently on the homepage. There are 21 different sports to bet on and this is a lot for any online casino, so keep in mind that part of the gaming experience is tied up in live sports betting. If you love to bet on sports, this is one of the best casinos to go to.

They get creative with their “sports,” too. For example, at one point you could bet on who the next American President was going to be. This shows that the site is more than willing to give you new adventures to bet on. Beyond sports, though, SuperLenny has plenty of other games to admire.

There are 25 Blackjack tables, 13 video poker games, 11 Roulette tables, and 3 casino poker tables to choose from. If you love your casino games, you’ll find that there’s an ample amount of them to play here, especially slots. You’ll find a lot of today’s hottest slots just waiting for you to spin the reels on them, buried underneath all that sports betting and live table action. SuperLenny tries to do a lot of things well and ends up doing an ample amount of them well enough to increase their reputation each year, even if they don’t always come out ahead in some of the categories.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals are the practical portions of any casino. SuperLenny does a decent job of giving you plenty of payment platforms. You can use your Mastercard or Visa accounts for bank transfers, or you can go to tried and true online payment platforms like Neteller, Skrill, Maestro, AstroPay, or Paysafecard. This is just the tip of the iceberg for payment platforms.

SuperLenny can be a bit restrictive with withdrawal limits. For example, you have a minimum withdrawal limit of £50,000 a day with a restrictive £2,000 limit per transaction which will complicate things and delay withdrawals. This is a definite downside to gaming here and many gamers probably will be turned away by it. You’re looking at up to a week to even get a withdrawal to go through for some payment platforms, although it says 1-7 days. That’s a long stretch of time to gamble on if you need money in a hurry and want your money now. These restrictive and limiting measures will turn off many gamers who would love to give SuperLenny a try, but for those brave souls who forge ahead, SuperLenny has proven to be a lucky casino for some.

Getting Help

Getting help on SuperLenny has at times proven to be a challenge for some customers, and this is one of the troubling facts for any casino that wants to be seen as responsive and caring with its customer base. Their Live Chat has proven tricky for some folks who can message on live chat but seems to never have anyone available to actually chat live. No one likes an empty live chat on any type of casino when there is real money on the line so they definitely don’t score any points for their live chat customer service.

Beyond live chat, though, you can email them and usually get a response. Despite the fact that live help simply isn’t available the majority of the time, you will get through to a customer service agent at some point and they’re generally helpful with what you have questions about. They stay friendly and stick a problem through from beginning to finish, something that can challenging with some services these days.

They support customer service in many different languages, including Swedish, English, Finnish, and Norwegian, meaning that people from many different nationalities will be able to get help from the folks at It’s not just one particular language that trumps all others and gets help while the rest are left to sort things out on their own.

The final verdict on is that it is a great site in the making. While it has some work to do in its deposits and withdrawals department and it could definitely use a broader selection of some casino poker matches, it has all the grassroots beginnings of a website that is going to stand the test of time. They have a huge focus on fairness and it has been audited for fairness by eCogra, an independent testing firm that helps keep online casinos legit and fair for their players. It says something about SuperLenny that it would want people to know that it plays by the rulebook and plays fair for all its players.

This site will not be for everyone, and there are definitely bigger casinos out there that do regular slots well. The emphasis on sports betting is refreshing, though, and the unique half deer, half man mascot is certainly memorable in the world of online casinos. While the site has a long way to go to iron out its payment platforms and its deposit methods, most people will find that it’s a refreshing take on the modern casino that offers a lot of newness and isn’t afraid to take some risks in order to garner some attention. The professionalism at its live tables is very admirable, too, and memorable as well since so many casinos just can’t seem to get the live dealer angle right no matter what their graphics look like.

If you’re in the mood for something new and want to bet a small amount of money somewhere just to give it a try, this is a great go-to casino for those that have very simply tried everything else. Many folks will find that the experience suits their tastes and their wallets just fine, with fairness and humble but real bonuses and promotions that give everyone a reason to visit more than once.

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