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About Rizk Casino Do you enjoy playing games at the casino? Do you like to test your luck against the odds on the tables? Casinos offer a lot of excitement,...

About Rizk Casino

Do you enjoy playing games at the casino? Do you like to test your luck against the odds on the tables? Casinos offer a lot of excitement, but there is not always enough time in a day or even a week to visit actual casinos when we have the urge to play. If this sounds like your life, then you will be happy to be introduced to, which is an online casino that is based in Malta. is a great way to get all of the excitement you enjoy in a casino without leaving your living room. The games at are all innovative creations that can be experienced on a user-driven interface, which means that the games are all easy to use. In addition, there will be no small print regarding the payouts, as is a true believer in transparent gaming that actually gives you a chance at winning the jackpot.

When you visit Rizk

When you play at, there are nearly 400 games to choose from, so you will never run out of new and interesting slots to try out. You can check out some of the featured games or Captain Rizk’s Picks if you desire to find a good mix of genres, as in these categories you can find games such as Dead or Alive, Gonzo’s Quest, and Bloopers. You can also try action and adventure themed slots, horror themed slot, and some of the classic games you have grown to love over the years. There are also several Hollywood hits that you will not want to pass up. You can enter the world of Alfred Hitchcock in the Psycho game, or you can see how you fare against the Aliens Machine.

If you are not in it to win it, then you should check out the jackpot games, as they can loot you a big win if lady luck is smiling upon you. You can explore the Halls of the Gods, or you can take a bath in champagne as you win the Mega Fortune game. Video poker and table games are also available if you prefer a more risky venture.

Bonuses and Free Spins at Rizk casino

As a new member of, you will get a welcome bonus when you sign up, but that is not the big promotion that you should be interested in. The Wheel of risk is available for all members to enjoy. As you play and enjoy the games that are available to you, you will notice that a power meter will fill up as you play. The more you bet, the faster the bar fills. When that power meter is completely full, a spin on the Wheel of Risk is activated for you. Each time this occurs, you reach a new level, which makes jackpots and winnings on the wheel more exciting to win.

Every ten levels that you complete will give you a super wheel spin that doubles the prize that you win. In fact, this super wheel is also available when you reach level five as well. If you land on a gold coin, money is your reward. Once you reach level ten, you can land on the Jackpot, which is most likely your goal. In addition you can also win Rizk race points or chips that you can use. One is a turbo chip that fills your meter more quickly and the other three are free spin chips that you can make use of.

The Rizk race is a promotion that gives you 25 points every time you level, and the person with the most points at the end of the week wins the race. There are also several other bonuses being offered to members of, so if you enjoy contests, you may want to get in on them while you can.

Mobile Casino at Rizk is designed to be easy to use, so there are no apps that you need to download when you take the game mobile; in fact, you can play the exact same way that you would on your computer. Using the browser to initiate the game means that it is compatible with any type of phone, whether it is an Android, iOS, or a Windows phone. In addition, you can always play the games on a tablet as well, as long as you have a viable internet connection that allows you to connect to the site.

The nice thing about being accessed through your browser is that the games can easily be positioned in both portrait and landscape modes, so the images that you see on your screen can be customised to fit your play style.

Deposits and Withdrawals at

All deposits and withdrawals at are easy to use, and they are also secure, so you know exactly where your money is at during all times. All transactions that you make will only take a few days to complete at most. Here is a breakdown of the different deposit and withdrawal methods that are available for you to use.

There are limits on all deposits that are made. You must deposit at least $10, and the amount cannot exceed $5,000. All deposits are instant, so you will be able to play immediately after making a transaction. Using a Master Card or a Visa will incur a 2.5 percent fee, but e-wallet platforms such as Neteller and Skrill are fee free.

Insofar as withdrawals are concerned, they also must be made following a few guidelines. All withdrawals must be at least $20, and you cannot take out more than $5,000 per transaction. Once again Neteller and Skrill make the transfers instantly, but using a visa or wiring the money to your bank account could take one to three days. All withdrawals incur a $2.50 fee, regardless of the method that you use.

Support and Customer Service Help at

If you need any type of assistance, whether it is regarding the way a game works, your payout, or promotions that you want to take part in, you can talk to a representative who can assist you through the live chat functionality on All of the customer service representatives have been trained to provide you with the assistance that you need as quickly and as politely as possible, so that you can get back to enjoying your gaming experience.

The games at are exactly that, games, so if you have an issue controlling your competitive urge to continue playing, there are some limits that you can place on your account. You can set deposit limits to only play with a certain amount of money per week. You can set a loss limit, so that when lady luck has turned her back on you, you do not dig yourself deeper into the hole. There is also a session limit that will only allow you to play for a certain amount of time. These limits are designed to be a support system that you can use, to make sure that this type of gaming is a fun pastime, not a way of life.

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