Spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slot Review

Spectacular Wheel of Whealth

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The Spectacular wheels of wealth slot game

Spectacular wheels of wealth slot is an online casino game which has a classical slot spectacular and the wheel of fortune. The classical machine slot is made of different symbols including the spectacular logo and the traditional symbols like bars and 7’s and has three reels and a single play line. It has simple rules, and it is easy to play due to the simple structure and design it is made of. One does not have to be a gambler to play.

The online casino game works from a fixed bet minimum of $1 and a maximum of $2. This casino game is highly considered due to its entertaining and affordable betting rates, as one can win up to $5000 jackpot with $2 as the betting pay. Spectacular wheels of wealth slot offer some features which differ from the classical slot, but that doesn’t work against the classical slot knowledge and skills. It can be found in Micro gaming platforms.

The features displayed in the game are great especially its theme which is colourful and consists of dancing girls; aside from that, spectacular wheels of wealth has spectacular graphics features accompanied by matching and authentic background sounds which excite the players and keeps their interest in the game more intense.


Spectacular Wheel of Whealth slot

Spectacular logo

The Classical slot spectacular logo represents the symbols on the pay line that have no bonus. It works on increasing the value of the paid out prizes upon winning and sometimes acts as a symbol substitute.
How to play

With one spectacular symbol, the slot starts giving out the won prizes. When one spectacular symbol is found on a play line, which, is winning leads to doubling of the prize. The same case applies to two spectacular symbols, which, constitutes 40 times of the bet in the slot machine. The slot multiplies the prize up to four times contrary to three spectacular symbols. When a three spectacular symbol is at the centre of the play line, one gets to win the main prize of 5000-dollar coins for a $2 bet and 2000-dollar coin for $1 bet.
Bonus offered

Most of the people in the UK prefer playing spectacular wheels of wealth due to the exciting features offered for instance the bonus game. Upon utilisation of all maximum coins, the bonus game is actuated when it is on the third reel on the play line. It is then taken to the screen where there is the wheel of fortune that one has to spin. The arrow of the wheel has to point a slide for one to be given the bonus credit.

The bonus credited depends on the value labelled on the pointed slide; if for example, the arrow points at a slide labelled $20, the player is credited the 20-dollars. One can make huge money if he or she is lucky. The players can make up to 1000-dollar coin in the bonus spin and top prize of 5000-dollars during the normal spin. The wheel of fortune is made up of 20 coloured and numbered slides. The slides have bonus credit written on each one them. The bonus credits awards range from 20 to 1000 dollar coin.

Spectacular wheel of wealth is one of the best online casino games. It is trusted; in that one cannot afford to complain about its cashing services. Aside from entertainment, the online casino game offers opportunities of being wealthy and earning extra cash upon a bet possible winnings. Its affordable betting pay makes it even better candidate for many people to play, with as low betting pay as 1-dollar.

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