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Vegas Party Slot, An Awesome Game.

Introduction To The Vegas Party Slot Game.

This game was developed by a company called Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment is a leader in the gaming industry and offers games for the most successful online casinos. The Vegas Party Slot game provides countless hours of slot fun for casino gamers. It features linked reels, wilds, an upbeat party tune and 243 ways to win. It features a 96.6 percent payout theoretically. You have five reals in three rows. All of these features add up to a great time.Sin City has never had it so good. Because both the coin values and bet levels are adjustable with the game rounds, you can make just your judgement to hit upon that winning combination using their linked reels.

243 Winning Ways

Many slots have win lines that are fun but, they don’t have 243 ways to win like Vegas Party Slots. In this game when you get three or more symbols that are alike on reels that are in the correct adjacent combination left to right, it can be winner, winner, chicken dinner. The number of coins are multiplied by the number of symbols that are extra, and you have unlocked a winning combo.

Vegas Party slot bonus

As an example, when reel one, two and three have three symbols that are identical, you win fifteen coins. When another same symbol pops up on any position on those three reels, the win is multiplied by the number of so-called extra symbols. So, when it is in the first position on that reel, it would pay 15 times 2 for a win of 30 coins. When the money breaks down enters, the picture will be paid out multiplied by your coin vales and the level you bet during your game play.

Linked Reel Features, Let’s Get Wild.

What would a female version of a joker look like? Well, you can find out in this game because she is the wild symbol. This wild joker will be as good as any other symbol when it comes to creating the win. The wild female Joker only comes up on reels two thru five. Now, let’s talk about linking. When the game starts, during the first round, two reels adjacent to one another will link, and their symbol will be synchronised. This linking can expand to 3,4 or 5 reels too. Each would have the same symbols during the linking.

Bet Limits Lead To Slot Play Fun.

Every gamer is looking to increase their stakes and have some fun. This game has a small casino full of opportunity to increase your stakes with every spin. Increase your stakes or decrease them, the choice is yours to make. Keep in mind that you can be from one to ten coins and you can increase or decrease the coin value too.

The Plan Is To Play And Win.

As with every game, if you want to know what is going to pay and how much, the pay table and win plan are an important part of the game. In this game that table is easy to find and understand. It shows each symbol and winning combination as well as it’s value.

When three or more of those reels match from the left side to the right side, it’s a winning combo. You can always check the pay table to make sure. All you have to do to get there is look for the info button marked with the letter i and click on it. It should be on the left toward the bottom of your screen. Go for the gold lion for the big win and hope for the best.

It’s Your Slot Game, Set It Up However You Want.

Because the game can be personalised, you can set it up however you like it. Do you want to hear the live actions sounds during your game play or do you want to turn the sound off? It’s your choice. You can view the game rules or close them all together. There are many settings that each game player can use and adjust for more comfort during game play.

You can use the quick spin feature or click it yourself every time; you can close the intro screen and turn sounds on or off, You can even adjust the graphic quality and use keyboard shortcuts like using the spacebar to spin your reels.
7 Buttons, What A Lucky Number.

The game has seven buttons. One sets your levels; one is your bet adjustment. The middle button is used to set the wheels in motion; your have an auto button that will start an automatic spin. The max bet button will make sure you are using the highest wager amount, and the last two buttons are useful too. Coins and coin value. Using these you can see how many coins you have and set the value of each coin.

Don’t Worry About Stats, Just Play And Enjoy.

The Vegas Party Slots is an awesome game with many features. The most important part is not understanding every single one of the features and benefits. What makes the game awesome is that you can forget everything and just sit back and enjoy playing the slots. Now, have fun.

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