The Ace/Five Count System

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The Ace/Five Count System is a very popular card counting system mainly due to its simplicity of use. Much like the title implies, you will only have to keep track of the Aces and fives as they are dealt into play. This is therefore a fantastic system for a beginning card counter.

From a running count strategy in this system you will start the count from zero. Any time an Ace is dealt from the deck you will subtract one from the running count and any time a five is dealt you will add one to the starting count. When your running count hits two or more a good rule of thumb is to bet the maximum and when your running count is less than two the rule of thumb is to bet the minimum.

Any Ace in play will have an effect on the odds of obtaining a blackjack, so therefore every time an Ace hits the table your odds of obtaining said blackjack will go down. The inverse of the theory dictates that any time a dealer is in possession of a five the possibility of them improving a weak hand substantially increases, so removing a five from the deck will actually make your hands stronger. Since the worst possible hands for a blackjack dealer to hold are twelve, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen the importance of a five cannot be understated, considering that a five will easily turn these hands into potential winners.

When calculating odds and counting cards, a five will appear once out of every thirteen cards, so plan your bets accordingly. More aggressive play is hence a profitable option in a deck that is low in fives.

The main drawback of the Ace/Five system is that is does not take into consideration the value of face and ten cards as those will also have an effect on your odds of hitting a blackjack.

As with any other card counting system, the best way to master the Ace/Five Count is through at home practice with no real money on the line. When practicing your at home count, keep in mind that due to the rules of the Ace/Five count a full deck of cards should always end at a count of zero. As always, ensure when playing at a live table that the casino does not catch you counting or you run the risk of being escorted off of the premises.


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