How to Play Blackjack?

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Blackjack (also known as 21) is commonly referred to as the most popular casino game in the world; and for good reason! Its simplicity provides players with an incredibly easy to understand and fast, action packed experience in a shorter amount of time than most games. When played consistently, Blackjack also offers players the opportunity to win big time. In case a refresher is needed, here are the basic rules of the game.

Most commonly, anywhere from one to eight 52 card decks are used in standard Blackjack. The dealer will disperse cards from his or her left. Players cards will be face up, for all to see. One of the dealers’ cards will be face up, but the other in the pair will not be visible. It is always safe to assume that the dealer has reached 20 off the bat, and players should strategize accordingly.
To start the game, each player is dealt a pair cards; the value of which is added up. The bet for this hand is placed before the cards are received. All cards are worth their numerical value, excluding the face cards. Jacks, Queens, and Kings all hold a value of 10 points. If a player finds their hand in a bind, he or she will be delighted to know that they can decide the value of any Aces in said hand to be either 1 or 11. This can be very helpful!
The goal of the game is to get as close or equal to 21 with the added up value of a hand. Once a players’ pair of cards has been dealt to them, they may request a “hit” which is the addition of another card. This is where the action happens! The dealer must continue to “hit” until he or she is at or above the value of 17 with their hand. This creates opportunities for players to win simply by not going bust. “Going bust” means that the dealer (or player) has exceeded the value of 21, and instantly loses. If a player finds him or herself in a situation nearing bust, it can be useful to remember that Aces have two considered values (1 and 11). All a player has to do is be above the dealers added value and at or under the value or 21. In the event a player finds him or herself matching the dealers numerical value, there will be a push. A push means the player neither wins nor loses. The players bet is returned to them and can be used in later hands.
Here are some common Blackjack terms to help players along their way –
Hit – The player requests another card to be added to his or her hand
Stay or Stand – The player does not require another card, and is happy with his or her hand.
Doubling Down – If a player only takes one additional hit to their pair, they can choose to raise their original bet by its entire value (hence doubling).
Push – The numerical value of a players hand matches the dealers, said players bet is returned.
Splitting – In the instance that two equally valued cards are dealt in a players’ initial pair, they may be made into two free standing hands. A bet must be put fourth for the new hands, and each hand is played as its own entity. Furthermore, splitting Aces is always recommended. Doing so creates an incredible advantage for the player, as they now have two hands with variable values (between 1 and 11 for the Aces). The other most common pair to split on is 8’s. Splitting on 8’s gives the player better odds of not going bust when receiving additional hits. It is important to remember that the player will only receive one additional card if he or she decides to split. This is why it is generally not a good idea to split low value cards.
Blackjack – 21! Instant win for the player.
Blackjack is an incredibly fast paced game, and rounds are over quickly. One should not be discouraged if they do not find luck in their first few attempts. Consistency is key with a game like Blackjack. With enough practice, any player can dominate this game!
Good luck! – Not that you’ll need it now! 😉 Try it out on one of our reviewed casinos and earn a bonus at the same time!


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