How and Why Does an Online Gaming Operator Verify a Players Account in Order to Get Paid?

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When ready, an online player can withdraw their winnings from their online gambling account. However, this does become a process. Verification documents are needed in order to withdraw any amount of money. This may seem like a difficult process to go through, but many online gambling sites want to ensure that their players are having a secure experience.

Why does a player need to upload verification documents?

A player may ask why verification documents are needed in order to receive funds. After all, the player did win those funds and should have immediate access to them. The online gaming operator is responsible for requesting those needed documents. By requesting verification documents, the online gaming operator can ensure that they are safe while also maintaining the safety of the player. This is a security process and protects everyone involved in the transaction.

Online gaming operators must be licensed in order to offer online betting type games in a legal way. These licenses are issued by the licensing authorities. The licensing authorities are responsible for regulating the licenses and ensuring that the online gaming operators follow all the necessary rules and regulations. This creates the first reason verification documents are required in order to cash out. It is a standard and regulation to do so. The licensing authorities make sure that the online gaming operators are following regulations by asking for the required verification documents.

Verification documents also ensure that the money in a player’s account is legit and in fact, going to that particular player. This reduces financial risk for the player and for the online gambling operators.

If a player does not send in verification documents, there is a higher chance of fraud to be committed. The Licencing authorities recognize this and regulate the online gaming operators to ensure that no fraud is committed and everyone has a secure transaction.

In order to verify one’s account, a player must verify their name, age, and address. The payment method must also be verified. The documents uploaded by the player must match the player’s profile information.

What Documents Should a Player Upload?

The documents that a player should upload must include the player’s full name, age, proof of address and payment method. If a player does not upload these specific documents, then he/she will not get paid.

The first document that you need is a government-issued ID that states the player’s full name, age, and address. This can be a passport, State ID or Drivers License. The address should be a current address and match the rest of your documents. When sending a copy of this, it must be in focus and easy to read. If the document is blurry or the online gaming operator is unable to read it, then the player must send in another copy of higher quality. To ensure a faster payout time, the player should send in a clear copy the first time. This will make the process go faster and thus getting paid faster. This is the first document needed and it verifies the player’s name and age. If a player is under the required age, the payout may be suspended.

The second piece a player must send to the online gaming operator is the proof of address. This can be a utility bill or a bank statement. A bank statement may be easier depending on the player as many bank statements can now be found online. This document must also have a clear reading of the player’s full name and address.

The last document that a player needs is a clear copy of their payment method. This is used to verify payment so that the player will get paid by the online gaming operator. The method of payment that the player used to start their betting game will be the method of returned payment. Any winnings that the player made will return to that same method. A player should upload a clear copy of their card that must show the first six numbers and the last four numbers. The name on the card should also match the player’s other documents. The player will also need to upload a copy of the back of their card as well. The card must be signed.

Once the player uploads all of the required verification documents to the online gaming operator, the documents will be reviewed. If all of the documents are easy to read and match the other documents, the player will be paid. If there is an error with one of the documents, the player will be notified and expected to re-upload the required document. For a faster payout, please make sure that all the documents are easy to read and as requested. Again, the online gaming operator is following regulations put into place by the licensing authorities to ensure a secure and accurate payout.


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