The Rich History Of Slot Machines

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Since the late 1800s, the slot machine has reimagined the way people gamble and play games. Since its conception, millions of people have had the pleasure to play slot machines. Moreover, the slot machine remains a multi-reel gambling machine that spins when a button remains pushed. In addition, players also refer to the machine as the one-armed bandit. Players call the machine this, due to the fact that they originally operated with one lever. Moreover, the lever remained on the side of the machine and differentiated it from a button on the front panel of the machine. Moreover, these “one-armed bandits” also remained notorious for leaving players in debt without any money.

Today, many modern machines still utilize the classic lever and it also comes equipped with the button. In addition, slot machines remain equipped with a sensor called the currency detector. The currency detector confirmed when players inserted money to play. Also, the slot machine pays off in relation to the patterns and symbols shown on the front of the machine when it stops. Thanks to modern technology, numerous variations exist in regards to the slot machine ideology. Furthermore, slot machines remain the most popular gambling method in casinos. Moreover, they represent around 70 percent of the US’s average income.

Also, the slot machine concept originated from the slots on the machine used for inputting and outputting coins. Moreover, the “fruit machine” stems from the traditional fruit depictions on the spinning reels. This includes lemons and cherries. By 1899, an entirely new slot machine remained created. Players called it the “Liberty Bell” and Charles Fey was its creator. While in San Francisco, Charles Fey created the three-wheel slot machine. Today, the location remains a historic landmark in California. Moreover, a slot machine became developed in 1891 that remains considered the predecessor to the modern day slot machine. Furthermore, the machine contained five drums that held a total of 50 card faces and it became inspired by poker. It also remained a hit.

As a result, numerous bars had one or more of the machines. Furthermore, players would put a nickel into the machine and pull on a lever. As a result, this would spin the drums and the cards they held. Due to not needing a direct payout system, a pair of kings remained able to get players a free drink such as beer. In contrast, a royal flush could pay out cigars or drinks. Moreover, the prizes remained dependent on what the particular company offered. In order to make better odds for the house, two cards remain removed from the entire deck. These included the ten of spades and the jack of hearts. For those unaware, these two cards doubled the odds of winning against a royal flush. Moreover, drums had the ability to get rearranged to reduce a player’s chance of winning even further.

As a result of the vast number of possible wins, the original poker based game made it virtually impossible to create a machine capable of automatic payout for every possible winning combination. Between 1887 and 1895, Charles Fey introduced a simpler automatic mechanism. The mechanism consisted of three spinning reels that contained a total of five symbols. In addition, these symbols included horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a Liberty Bell. Also, the bell remained responsible for the machine’s name. By substituting ten cars with five symbols and using three reels instead of five drums, the difficulties of confirming a win remained considerably reduced. As a result, Charles Fey had the ability to create an efficient automatic payout system.

The biggest payoff came from players producing three bells in a row. At the time, players had the ability to make fifty cents if they produced three bells in a row. Considering this to be conventional wisdom, the Liberty Bell remained highly successful. Moreover, it birthed the mechanical gambling device industry. In spite of these machines being banned in his home state for numerous years, the demand for Charles Fey’s machine exceeded its supply elsewhere. In addition, Charles Fey’s machine remained copied by many slot machine manufacturers. Therefore, a new machine became introduced to the world in 1907 by Herbert Mills. His machine remained known as the “Operator Bell.” By the late 1990s, the slot machines met the digital world. Therefore, online slot machine gaming became popular. Initially, players only had a few games to choose from. These included classic casino games such as roulette.

As technology progressed, this was no longer the case. Eventually, slot machines remained being developed. As a result, slots immediately gained prominence and became more popular that traditional casino games. Therefore, they became more popular than its competitors. During the early years, the style of games remained similar to offline slot machines. Moreover, they had the same number of reels and the same type of symbols. However, technology changed everything. Due to computer-based technology, many of the restrictions on offline slot machines no longer existed. Therefore, players had the option to play numerous variations of slot machine games online.

Not only did different ways of playing exist, different themes and layouts also existed. Today, online slots exist with more than 5 reels and unconventional layouts. To be exact, the possibilities remain endless. Moreover, Mega Moolah remains one of the most popular online slot machine games. With that being said, players have countless options to choose from playing slot machines online.


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