Slot Machine Maker Says Japan Casinos Need Vegas-Style Rules – Bloomberg

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Plan your trip to Japan for 2023. Is it anything more exciting than Japanese gamblers. Probably not.

The Asian gambling culture is something special. For everyone that has been to Macau understand this. They are crazy, the love to gamble and they continue to the end. Even if most people would say Macau is a copy of Las Vegas, which it is, the atmosphere is very different. Las Vegas is more decadent with “white trash” visitor hoping for the big win. Macau are more like Encore all over the place.

So before you go to Japan for 2023, please enjoy Macau!

Slot Machine Maker Says Japan Casinos Need Vegas-Style Rules – Bloomberg

Konami Holdings Corp., which supplies slot machines to some of the world’s biggest casinos, will participate in Japan’s gaming industry if the regulations are as strict as those in Las Vegas.

“In Las Vegas, if you have a license they’ll take it away if you start getting involved in strange things, and that would be a big problem,” Sakamoto said in a March 30 interview in Tokyo. “If Japan is too loose, then we’d have to remove ourselves.”

Tokyo-based Konami, whose customers include MGM and the Hard Rock Cafe International Inc., has more than 400 licenses in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Singapore and South Africa. In addition to selling slot machines, it signs agreements to share profits from leased machines. Konami had licenses in 45 U.S. states as of December.

“The most important thing is to have compliance and rules at the same level as Nevada,” Sakamoto said. “We want a clean casino and entertainment.” read more at


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